Rise and Grind

Mike Stanlaw

It's great having been back for 1:1 Personal Training these last two weeks (which have gone by very quickly).  However, there is still the issue of not being able to open for group exercise classes, and big gyms are still closed.  Yes, there are bigger issues in the world, but this one is bigger than most people would think!  

Without going into too much of a rant here, I don't agree with this at all.  I'm not a Doctor and while I'm not saying to pack the gyms, I do believe there is a smart and safe way to do this.  I do believe we can get a small controlled group of people into gyms and studios.  Though grocery stores are amongst the most essential businesses, if they can be packed, I do believe SMALL groups can be allowed into health and fitness facilities.  

Fitness as an industry (and as a lifestyle) is sadly low on the priority list of many, and Personal Training is not an affordable service for everyone.  Therefore many business owners have lost their gyms and studios, and the physical and mental health of many of their Members have suffered as a result.  

I'm not a big fan of complaining unless there's some type of solution involved!  My solution today and my message to you is that some form of exercise is better than nothing.  Read that again!  Some form of exercise is better than nothing.  

Don't let your physical and mental health go straight down the toilet because you haven't been able to train.  While many love our online classes, I'm aware it's not everyone's thing.  However I do believe that if you gave it a chance you would enjoy it.  Also, I would implore someone to take online classes if it was between that and doing absolutely nothing.  If you've been struggling, reach out to me.  I want to help.

It's awesome to see so many people back for 1:1 PT and to see those who have stuck with online, however there is a category of people that simply loved going to the gym or doing classes in person.....and now they can't for the foreseeable future.    

Unless you've been ridiculously dedicated and consistent with workouts that you are happy about, let us help you.  Try an online class.  Join us at the park.  Try a free Personal Training Session.  Even if it seems a little pricey at first, you may find you love it.  

Regardless, don't give up on your health and fitness.  Very little has been said these last 4 months about the importance of exercise and nutrition for your physical and mental health.  I'm typing this today to tell you that this is so vital.  Now more than ever.

Stay healthy and get your 30 every day!