1 Year Goals

Mike Stanlaw

We all know it's important to have goals.  However the "T" in "S.M.A.R.T. Goals" stands for "Time-Bound", and the time-frame I want to speak with you about today is one year.

What can you do in one year?  

You can't simply have a goal and hope that it will magically accomplish itself.  It doesn't work that way.  However if you have 365 days of what you clearly want to do and take massive action in the right direction, it can and will happen.  

A one year goal has to be a serious goal.  Anything you'd like to accomplish in your fitness journey can likely be accomplished in a year.  It shouldn't be easy because 365 days is a LOT of time.  There are exceptions of course but 1 year is an amazing amount of time to accomplish whatever you'd like to do.  

Lose 100 pounds?  

Run a Marathon?  

Squat 200 pounds?  

Enter your first bodybuilding competition?  

Perform your first pull-up?  

All do-able within a year.  

Break it down into 12 smaller steps.  One month at a time.  Small goals add up in a big way.  

In one year, most people will still be where they are today.  What about you?


P.S.--If you have a one year goal, feel free to email it over.  I'd love to hear.